Who are we? - Privat asesoramiento
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Who are we?

We are a brokerage and risks consultancy aimed at businesses, institutions and individuals. We are specialists in the mediation of insurances and the management of property risks.


With 25 years of experience, our vocation is to provide our clients with the perfect global solutions in insurance programmes management.


Our mission is that our clients’ risk needs are covered, correspondent to their activity and responsibility, at all times. Thus, our team is made up of specialised professionals in constant training, so as to achieve the best supplies from the market and to serve new needs as well as new market situations. 


We also belong to the Asociación Española de Corredurías ADECOSE, founded in 1977 with the aim of defending the interests of insurance brokers and which groups together 116 leading companies in the insurance mediation sector whose common denominator is their professional and business category, being a qualified interlocutor with the administration and the insurance market.


Privat Asesoramiento, Via Augusta, nº 48-54 3º 1ª 08006 de Barcelona registered in the DGS with number J-388 with CIF B-59432039.



Our Philosophy

Responsibility, commitment, excellence, transparency, closeness, service… these are the basis of our relationship with our customers, which make them the protagonists of our company.

Our Method

Identificación y análisis de los riesgos que puedan afectar al patrimonio de empresas o personas


Coverage auditing, taking into account the needs of the risk and the lines of action previously established.


Processing and defence of the insured person in claims against insurance companies, ensuring the maximum speed of compensation, we counsel the client in order to obtain the best and fastest repayment.


Periodic inspection of the risks for its correct assurance and for the implementation of protection, prevention and safety measures.


Objectivity and independence in the designing of insurance programmes and advice.

Our Objetive

Advise and accompany our clients in matters of protection and transfer of risks through insurance, obtaining the best coverage and conditions from the insurance market in order to establish longterm relationships with our clients based on trust, tranquility and discretion and professionalism.


Sole Administrator:  Xavier Solà

General Director:  Manuel Vidal

Operational Director: Jaume Escala

Commercial Director: Javier Sánchez

Administration Deputy Directory: Esther Palafox