Privat for Individuals-Family Heritage - Privat asesoramiento
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Privat for Individuals-Family Heritage

We offer independence, objectivity and advice on the transfer of the main risks that may threaten the economic stability of your family’s assets.


The aim is to cover the residence and its contents both inside and outside it


The aim is to cover both the vehicle itself and any damage caused by it to third parties.


The aim is to provide coverage for a building intended mainly for housing, both horizontally and vertically.


The aim is to provide comprehensive coverage for a commercial business, its content and goods as well as possible claims from third parties arising from its commercial activity.


This is coverage for pleasure boats and similar


The aim is to cover the possible additional costs of hospitalisation or surgery through the payment of a daily allowance, mainly for the self-employed and/or liberal professionals.


It is mainly an investment plan in which, regularly, the policyholder pays in some money and these, as a deposit, generate returns over time.


It is mainly about guaranteeing the protection of the people which the Insured has in his charge